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Jubilee Conferences

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About Program

 This complete set contains 7 talks and 3 Mass Homilies.

01 The Holy Spirit and Mary are Required to Form Jesus in Us- Tony Mullen

02 Like a Mighty Wind- David Mangan

03 Reflections on the Fruit of the Renewal- Walter Matthews

04 Witness and What do you want me to do for you?- Kathleen Mc Carthy

05 Stirring up the Gifts of the Holy Spirit- Deacon Larry Oney

06 Grace of a Total Surrender- David Mangan

07 Becoming Fire –moving into your Divine Mission- Deacon Larry Oney

08 Three Mass Homilies (Fri, Sat, Sun)- Fr. James Otto, Msgr. Ralph Cessio, The Most Rev  John McIntyre, D.D., V.G. 

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